Riz Global Foods achieves No. 163 rank in 2018 Growth 500 ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies

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Riz Global specializes in Canadian Halal produced Meats, Prepared Foods, and our New Innovative Gourmet offerings. We have added a full line of new products in Frozen Desserts and Cakes, Bakery & Ingredients, Sauces and Spices, Cooking and Infused Oils, Frozen Pizza and Pasta. (learn more)

Global Beef Exports

BRANDED BEEF PROGRAMS: RIZ Global is a licensed “Certified Angus Beef” and a “Canadian Corn Fed Beef” exporter. We produce premium halal certified Canadian and USDA beef for customers in the Middle East, Europe and China under the Niagara Valley and Pine Valley brand names.

Our current supply of Beef is from Premium Canadian Grain finished cattle, below 30 months which follow the Canadian standards. We also produce and export from various parts of the world including US, Australia, EU, South America. 

As Beef export specialists, with an understanding of various worldwide import regulations such as EU, USDA, HACCP, SFDA, Halal, Riz Global ensures that all import regulations of the importing country are met to avoid delays at destination.

Premium Halal Proteins

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Beef, Veal, Lamb and Poultry. Only the best from Canadian producers.
Riz Global specializes in a full range of Halal products from quality meat cuts to fully prepared and ready to eat items.

New Products

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We add new products and leading Canadian brands to our portfolio. Click the link below to keep track of new launches

Trade Show

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Riz Global participates in major trade shows globally. Picture galleries of our show participations, clients, products showcased and any related news.

Our Quality speaks for itself

Eating quality or palatability depends on the flavor, juiciness and tenderness of beef products. Each of these three attributes can be enhanced through good production practices at the farm, as well as at the meat processing facility. Tenderness has commonly been identified as the most important contributor to palatability. Aging beef in temperature-controlled environments results in enhanced tenderness through the actions of natural enzymes which soften muscle fibers. Careful handling of the animal to minimize stress during transport and before stunning is also important. Selection of young cattle for beef production enhances tenderness as typically both the amount of connective tissue (collagen) and the resistance of collagen to breakdown during cooking increases as the animal becomes older. Canada’s A, AA, AAA, and Prime grades permit only beef from cattle classified as youthful.