A Gift of Nature – Naturally Sparkling Mineral Water

A gift of nature: Ardesy – Natural sparkling mineral water 80 meters under the ground of the Auvergne volcanoes, welled close to the village of Ardes in the French Auvergne region.

Ardesy natural mineral water begins its journey 15 km = 15000 m of crystalline and metamorphic rocks of the volcanic cezallier plateau, brings its high content in minerals and natural carbon dioxide.

Ardesy water, in the french couze d’Ardes valley, is located in the heart of the regional natural reserve of the Auvergne volcanoes close to the Ardesy source, a path allows discovery of the exceptional beauty where Ardesy water gushes out.

Health Benefits


Due to the stability of Ardesy water, the rich natural minerals within the water compositions remain intact and stable for everyday consumption.

Its unique flavor allows you to enjoy the taste of the sparkling sensation as the natural goodness accompanies you through the gourmet experience.

Additional Mineral : Fluoride 0.9 , Silica 77, sodium 650, Nitrates 0.

Residu sec a 180 Celcius degree : 2520 mg/l. pH = 6.3

Calcium – an essential trace mineral for our body to form strong bone. It is also involve in blood clotting, muscle contraction and in many enzymatic reactions on cellular level. Calcium plays a role in the healthy function of the nervous system, regulates the heart’s rhythm and lowers blood pressure. It may reduce the risk of colon cancer and even lower cholesterol. Calcium defeciency can also cause muscle cramps, tooth decay, insomnia, nervousness, and depression.

Daily requirement : 800 to 1,000mg.

Magnesium – Body doesn’t produce magnesium by it self and it deficiency may cause muscle contraction disorder and emotional imbalances such as fatigue and anxiety. Magnesium is very important for cell energy production, and it aids bone growth. It protects against heart attacks, heart rythm disturbances, asthma and kidney stones.

Daily requirement :300 – 400mg.

Chlorides – Help to distribute water in our body and maintain the balance body pH of our body.

Sodium – Regulates blood pressure and blood volume and aids muscle and nerve function. Sodium occurs naturally and abundantly in most food so it is easy to reach the daily requirement, and easy to exceed it.

Deficiencies in sodium are generally caused only by excessive fluid loss such as with diarrhoea, vomiting, and kidney disease, or by extreme exercise.

Daily requirement : 1,100 to 3,300 mg.

Bicarbonates ­– Well recognized to help neutralize the acid in our daily diet, keep pH levels steady. In mineral waters bicarbonates is natural, coming from the rocks through which the water filters.

Daily requirement : There is no recommended daily requirement for bicarbonates.

Potassium – Control the electrical activity of your heart to maintain a normal heart to maintain a normal heart rhythm. Together with sodium, it helps conduct electrical impulses within cells. It controls blood pressure and can help prevent strokes. Potassium and sodium need to be finely balanced.

Daily requirement : 3,500 mg

Source : Dailymail.co.uk (according to the Natural Mineral Water Information Service).