As Canada’s favourite honey, Billy Bee is proud to offer a line of products that is 100% Canadian, fully sourced from Canadian beekeepers. Invite Billy Bee to the table and bring some sweetness to your day.


Founded in 1958 as a small family operation, today Billy Bee Honey Products is Canada’s largest honey business sourcing honey from producers in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The pure natural honey fresh from the hive is packed by Billy Bee without losing its delicate flavour, aroma and its natural goodness. Billy Bee is 100% pure and natural because no other ingredients are added. It contains no preservatives and no additives. Each batch of honey goes through rigorous quality controls in all stages of production and packaging. Only the best honey reaches the market place. Our lab technicians test each batch to ensure we give our customers the best flavour, purity, colour, texture and aroma they’ve come to expect.

Honey Lineup: 200 gm to 1 Kg retail packs, 3 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg food service packs and 220 Liter Drums, contact us for more information.

Acacia Honey Pale yellow colour; delicate flavour
Alfalfa Honey Light amber colour; mild flavour and aroma
Avocado Honey Dark amber colour; strong buttery flavour
Basswood Honey Water-white colour; strong “biting” flavour
Buckwheat Honey Dark amber colour; strong, slightly malty flavour
Blueberry Honey Light amber colour; distinct fruity flavour
Clover Honey Colour varies from water-white to amber; mild, “classic honey” flavour
Eucalyptus Honey Varies greatly in colour; generally strong flavour with very slight menthol notes
Heather Honey Reddish brown to deep amber colour; heavy bodied, bittersweet, aromatic flavour
Lychee Honey White to light amber colour; pleasant aroma and fruity flavour
Orange Blossom Honey Light amber colour; mild, flavour reminiscent of the scent of citrus blossoms
Rapeseed Honey White to light amber colour; mild, classic flavour
Sage Honey Water-white colour; mild flavour
Safflower Honey Colour varies from amber to dark amber with slight greenish cast; mild flavour
Sourwood Honey Light amber colour; mild flavour
Sunflower Honey Golden yellow colour; pleasant, full-bodied flavour
Tulip Honey Dark colour; distinct yet delicate flavour
Tupelo Honey Light amber colour with slight greenish cast; mild, distinctive flavour, slow crystallization
Mixed Wildflower Honey Varies greatly in colour and flavour; typically strong in flavour