Chef Harold TM smoked duck breasts have been a well kept secret on many of Montreal’s finest Restaurant menus for over seven years.
Combining molecular chemistry with artisanship Chef Harold has developed a wide array of highly innovative, beautiful, delicious, sustainable and healthy meat, seafood and many more products. Chef Harold has over forty five years of experience including tens of thousands of hours of research & development and collaborations with many highly talented Chefs.

Chef Harold TM products will soon be available in many of the finest Restaurants and Food Stores in and around Quebec, Ontario and Calgary.

Chef Harold’s – Gourmet Product List


Cold Smoked Salmon
Hot Smoked Salmon
Salmon Tartar – Mediterranean and Asian styles
Salmon and Scallops Paella
Smoked Salmon with Cream Cheese in Phyllo Cup

Sweet Hot Pickles
Sweet Hot Jalapeno
Mustard Caviar
Fico Aceto
Sun Dried Caviar
Smoked Chicken
Chicken & Vegetable – Loaf, Burger, and Sausage