Pure Maple Syrup is a delicious 100% natural sweetener. However, you may not realize the dramatic nutritional differences between maple syrup and other popular sweeteners. A 1/4 cup of maple syrup supplies you with 37% of your daily intake of Riboflavin, in comparison, an equal amount of Honey only supplies you with 2%. Maple syrup contains plenty of Phenolic Compounds which are usually found in teas, berries, flax seeds. This included ABA which is anti inflammatory and anti diabetic effects.

Jakeman’s Story

In 1876,  George and Betsy Anne Jakeman left Oxfordshire, England to settle the Jakeman Family in Oxford County, near Woodstock, Ontario. The local Native Canadians taught the maple syrup making technique to the Jakeman family. They were shown how to collect sap from maple trees in the early spring and boil it down in an iron kettle over an open wood fire until it was a syrupy golden brown. In 1919, Ernest Jakeman, purchased his first evaporator, setting it in a crude shelter with no roof. He hung 500 buckets. In 1951, George Jakeman, purchased a large 5 x 16 evaporator to replace the old one. In 1955, a roof was built over the shanty, but in 1969 a fire forced the abandonment of the original sugar shanty site. In 1970, Jakemans enlarged their operation, building a new sugar shanty and purchasing a new oil-fired evaporator. In 1976, they moved the Sweaburg General Store that was built in 1855 and used as a store and post office in the nearby village of Sweaburg. The building now functions as their maple gift shop, museum and pancake house.

The family tradition continues with Bob and Mary Jakeman and family, who maintain the production of some of the finest maple syrup from over 1000 taps. All the sap is collected by plastic pipeline and transported to our sugar shanty (next to our country store) where it is then boiled in our modern, high-efficiency natural gas-fired steam evaporator and then finished on a steam finishing pan. The maple syrup is graded and then bottled for use throughout the year.