Veal is a tender meat with the tenderest cuts coming from the loin, breast, and leg.

Montpak Grainfed Veal

We work closely with Montpak International.. What makes our grain-fed veal truly exceptional is a diet rich in high-quality grains within a perfectly well balanced feed program. Calves in the weaning phase are fed a high quality milk replacer and then fed high quality grains consisting mainly of cereals. This diet rich in protein, vitamins and minerals ensures the proper development of the animal, promotes consistency and delivers a subtly marbled lean and tender meat with a unique succulent flavour. Grain-fed veal, low in fat and cholesterol, rich in protein and iron, meets today’s consumer need to eat healthy. Versatile and delicious, and locally grown, grain-fed veal adapts very well to any menu. Let your imagination soar!

Incredible flavour, tender texture, exquisite colour – Montpak International’s veal and lamb products offer all the appealing attributes of the classic chef favourites – and from us, it’s better than ever.

Our products are family-farm sourced, always traceable and produced with the highest food safety standards and sustainable farming practices.

Montpak International is proud to offer its valued clients a diverse selection of unique cuts ideal for any culinary endeavour.