Founded in 2010 and owned by two Eastern Ontario farming families, Yorkshire Valley Farms produces and markets organic chicken and turkey. In only three years, Yorkshire Valley Farms has grown to become Canada’s leading organic poultry company. We only produce organic, so our focus is, and always has been, on providing organic products of the highest standards.

Our Farms

It ALL starts at the farm. Yorkshire Valley Farms’ production systems embrace the power of Mother Nature, utilizing natural light and ventilation in tandem with access to outdoor pastures, which is unheard of on large- scale operations.

Our feed uses only 100% organic grains and herbs, which are non-GMO, pesticide and herbicide free, with no animal by-products added. This more natural approach helps eliminate the use of antibiotics and reduces bird stress and mortality, improving the overall social, environmental and economic conditions within our supply chain. And the products taste great too!

Certified Organic Chicken vs. “Natural” & Free Range Chicken

Mandatory independent audit YES NO
GMO grains in feed allowed YES NO
Herbicides, pesticides on feed grain allowed NO YES
Animal by-­‐products in feed allowed NO YES
Antibiotics in feed allowed NO YES
Access to sunlight, fresh air and outdoor pastures YES NO


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