Riz Global Foods is a fully integrated company for export of premium proteins from North America for the food service, catering and retail sectors globally. Beef, Veal, Lamb, Poultry meats, value-added prepared foods are our specialties.

Riz Global’s innovative product line consist of healthy, natural, delicious prepared meats, specialty beef programs, beef bacon, corned beef, lamb, deli, ready to go egg solutions, frozen desserts, as well as unique condiments and a full innovative burger lineup. All our products are certified halal.

Riz Global also offer consolidation services for your choice of protein products. Licensed to export numerous brands such as Pine Valley Premium Beef, Canada Cornfed Beef, Gridley Meats, Cardinal Meats, LAM, Niagara Valley, Pine Valley Beef, etc., Riz Global staff is fully geared to meet all your supply requirements whether it’s a specialty beef program or a new concept and work as an extension of your procurement arm with flexible sourcing and payment solutions.

We export many premium beef brands such as Canada Corn-fed Beef, St. Helens, BestMeats, Niagara Valley, Pine Valley Farms, Springers Meats & Cardinal Meats. Organic Poultry, Cold Cuts, Lamb, Desserts and Cakes from Chudleigh’s & LaRocca, Olives and Olive oil from Sardo, etc., are some of our main exported brands.