We export Canadian Beef to the Middle East, our current supply is mostly from the Province of Ontario and Alberta.

Canada: The world’s perfect place for raising beef.

Why Canadian Beef:

“Canadian beef is well-marbled, flavorful, and tender. Packed with essential nutrients, Canadian beef is a powerful protein and anchor to healthy eating with a taste that people crave.” People in all our markets associate our beef with quality, pleasure, taste, health, and nutritiousness. This is closely correlated with their associations of Canada as a clean, prosperous, and healthy place: an abundant land rich in natural nutrients and free of pollution, providing the assurance that Canadian beef would also be rich and pure and tasty. What’s more, the awareness of our northern climate and positive perceptions associated with it allows us to tell additional stories of what makes Canadian beef so great. We know that our beef is a premium product. Others are prepared to know this too. So making the connection for them should not be difficult.