Truly authentic Canadian beef is raised on Canadian farms, processed in modern Canadian packing facilities and carries the Canadian Beef Brand Mark (CBBM).

Launched in January 2009, the Canadian beef brand mark is the official mark implemented by the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association to identify products of the Canadian cattle and genetics industries. This brand mark is recognized globally. When you see it, you are assured that the product is 100 percent raised and processed in Canada. Our industry licensed partners proudly display the mark on packaging, menus, advertising, displays and even trucks. Clients utilizing this brand mark recognize the quality and safety of Canadian beef – and all the assurances that Canadian beef provides.

And consumers love Canadian beef. Consumer research demonstrates that 96 percent of Canadians surveyed
preferred to purchase beef that was produced in Canada over beef from another country.  It is also interesting to note that consumers in our largest export market, U.S., also strongly identify with the quality attributes inherent with Canadian beef. In recent research conducted in Los Angeles and Houston, consumers were asked to judge retail meat cases based on appearance; then asked to provide further feedback after they were told the beef was from Canada. Overall, the majority of consumers responded positively about Canada and Canadian beef, believing Canada has high standards and Canadian beef is fresh, lean and of high quality.

Another international study indicated that Canadian consumers exhibited more loyalty for domestically produced beef than any other consumer exhibited for their own domestic product. While consumers from each of the other countries revealed strong preferences for their own domestically produced beef, this preference was not as strong as the one Canadians demonstrated for their own Canadian produced beef.

So why do Canadians prefer to purchase Canadian beef? The Beef Consumer Omnibus Research provided a listing of those key attributes that resonated extremely positively. Reasons for this preference of Canadian beef include the beliefs that:

Canadian beef “Tastes good”, “Is a fresh product,” “Is a high quality product,” “Is a product that you can trust,” “Is a safe product’” “Is a healthful product,” “Is a good value for the money.” 78 percent of respondents also felt that Canadian beef was of higher quality than imported beef.

Canadians eat beef for many reasons; the fact that it is produced in Canada is one of them.

Source & Copyright: Canada Beef Inc.