LÄM products are the first assortment of USDA, Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), Halal and British Retail Council (BRC) approved value-added products available for sale in North America. The USDA and CFIA approvals permit LÄM branded products to be shipped to retailers and foodservice providers in any U.S. state or Canadian province.

LÄM value-added products are uncooked and will be shipped frozen in case packs of six (06) retail-ready packages per case. All LÄM products are produced in Canada and have been specifically formulated to appeal to both lamb eaters and non-lamb eaters alike. The products are convenient, familiar to consumers and easy to prepare. The LÄM assortment has been carefully chosen to eliminate the apprehension many consumers have regarding the preparation of lamb products. Preparation instructions are on each package to assist first-time users of the products.

Riz Brands Inc. has a dedicated, year-round supply of quality lambs which permits the development of North American wide retail and foodservice programs. Every lamb is carefully inspected prior to purchase at over 40 assembly points across Canada. The lambs are processed at a USDA, CFIA and Halal lamb processing facilities in Canada. Riz Brands Inc. has implemented a complete traceability system that enables the lambs to be traced from the lamb producers through primary and value-added processing.