Canada: The world’s perfect place for raising beef.

Canada is a place where the air, water, and land are all in balance, with an abundance of wide open spaces and fresh clean water perfect for raising cattle.

Canada’s cool climate means the selection of cattle breeds isn’t limited to cattle which tolerate high heat conditions (which can result in potentially reduced carcass quality).

Canada is one of the largest grain producers in the world. High quality feed grains contribute to well-marbled, flavorful and tender meat with firm, white-coloured fat, highly desirable traits recognized by customers in over 100 countries around the world.

Canada’s cattle producers are committed to sustainability of the land for future generations and to the humane treatment of animals, with demonstrated global leadership in animal health.

Canada’s exacting standards ensure consistently high quality, safe and wholesome beef.

The Attributes of the Canadian Beef Advantage.

  • Canada’s A, AA, AAA and Prime grades are your assurance of the highest quality beef. Grading of beef carcasses is performed in accordance with strict national standards for attributes such as meat and fat color, carcass muscling, texture (firmness), maturity and fat coverage.
  • Grain-finished beef from superior cattle genetics provide an outstanding eating experience.
  • Food safety is the most important priority with systems for beef production on farm and at the processing level which are based on the internationally recognized HACCP model.
  • Business development programs from the Canada Beef Inc. to help you market and maximize the value of Canadian beef.